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This website is for exploring and analyzing IRI data in the FHWA Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) database to gain insights into the factors that have historically governed and/or influenced the change in pavement IRI over time.

The tools listed to the left can be used to explore the conditions and contexts under which different pavement designs and rehabilitation interventions have led to smoother pavements.

  • Sections: Explore the individual pavement sections in the LTPP database.

  • Networks: Explore the performance of sections found in the regions surrounding various metropolitan areas.

  • Pavement Comparison: Define, plot, compare, and download custom subsets of the LTPP database based on pavement type, region, study, loading (ESAL), and functional class.

  • Emissions Estimator: Estimate maintenance and use-phase GHG emissions for pavements.

  • Overview of Trends: Discussion of some of the trends in the LTPP database.

  • State Data: Access additional IRI data for select U.S. states (requires login).

  • Contact us: Send us any questions, comments, or issues you have.

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