Emissions Estimator

The Project Emission Estimator (PE2) is for benchmarking life cycle emission estimates associated with construction maintenance and use of a roadway.


General Information

Generalized Roadway Speed:

Build Life Cycle

Use this form to construct and benchmark pavement life cycles. Life cycles are defined in terms of interventions (maintenance and rehabilitation jobs), with the initial job determining the initial roadway construction type (materials, batch plant, and hauling/construction equipment) and the associated work zone emissions in year 1. Choices are limited to the reconstruction, rehabilitation, and maintenance job types investigated by researchers at Michigan Technological University (MTU).


  1. Define initial roadway construction method
    • Set initial intervention strategy (Job and Job type)
    • Set intervention year to "1"
    • Set project duration. Duration days of the project are used to estimate work zone traffic emissions.
    • Click "Add Intervention"
  2. Define additional interventions
    • Set Job and Job type
    • Set intervention year
    • Set project duration
    • Use phase emissions will be calculated yearly throughout the life cycle and presented in the life cycle emission report.
    • Click "Add Intervention"
  3. Repeat step 2 as necessary
Year Type Emissions [mT] Duration [days] Cumulative Emissions [mT]
Annualized Emissions
metric Tons