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To select a pavement type, highlight it in the scroll boxes, as well as any desired filters.

Two sets of pavement typescan be selected for comparison (First Pavement Type and Subtype, Second Pavement Type and Subtype). Additional filters will apply to both types. The number of LTPP sections that match the selected filters are listed to the right. Note that having too few sections will reduce the likelihood of obtaining significant results. Try to ensure each bucket has a minimum of 5-10 sections.

To enable a filter, click the checkbox next to the filter type description. In each scroll box, make multiple selections by holding the shift or control button and clicking on each selection (command button in Mac OSX).

The Download Data button will provide the selected data in a single .zip file.

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Interpreting this table: Results for which statistically significant comparisons may be made are presented in bold with either red or green background colors, depending on which result represents either superior (green) or inferior (red) performance. Significance tests are performed using Welch's two-tailed t-test for equivalence of the mean of two populations. If the test fails (results are not bolded), there isn't sufficient evidence in the LTPP data that either pavement outperformed the other for that metric.
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Data will be downloaded in a single .zip file. The .zip file will contain two excel-compatible files (.csv format) for each bucket of data. here will be two files if one primary pavement type is selected, and four files if two primary pavement types are selected. For each pavement type there will be one file containing section metadata and one containing performance data.